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We are a transport and freight-forwarding company established in 1987. We started our activity as the first private transport and freight-forwarding company in Poland providing domestic transportation services at the time. The company is registered as a private company (unlimited partnership). The headquarters and the warehouse are located in Warsaw in 117 Działkowa Street.

In 1989, after the political transformation in Poland and the changes in legal regulations, we started international forwarding activity in roadfreight and at the same time we began to develop general cargo services. In the same year we purchased our first truck tractor with a semi-trailer for the purpose of international transport. Currently our company is located in Warsaw and we have a branch office in Gdynia. We are a co-owner of the customs agency "Trans-Perfect". Its head office is situated in Warsaw at the same address as our company and it has an affiliate in Radom. We are also a co-owner of a transport company "Elkar-Bus Poland" Ltd, which is a joint-venture company with shareholders from Holland.

In 2002 we managed to establish our own office and warehouse building in Warsaw in 117 Dzialkowa Street. Our beneficial location close to the transit routes and the airport shortens and enhances transportation process.




02-234 Warszawa
ul. Działkowa 117

Uninet Polska

Head Office:
02-234 Warszawa
ul. Działkowa 117

+48 22 846 11 89
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